Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

Some of our most loyal customers aren't people at all.  They are carefully crafted bottles of wine, spirits or beer and they can be fickle when it comes to temperature. We can install a 10-ton air conditioning system to your storage warehouse, repair glycol chillers, beer taps & coolers, fermentation tanks and more!

Lodges, Hotels & Hospitality Centers

We helped this hospitality center and lodge with electrical installation, high capacity air conditioning units to keep their guests cool, mini-splits to provide climate control for guest rooms, evaporator & condenser replacement in walk-in coolers and custom lighting solutions. 

Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants & Bars

Beer should be cold and chili should be hot! We can keep your walk-in coolers, glycol coolers, freezers, refrigeration equipment, prep tables, margarita machines, pizza ovens and more in top shape!

Retail Spaces, Dealerships, Law Offices & Banks

    At this Motor Bank, we installed outdoor lights, ground up electrical, a HVAC system and backup generator with a transfer switch. We can keep your mission critical systems up and running, even in an emergency.

Ranches & Farms

 We can run power to wells to keep your livestock watered, keep kitchen and processing equipment running smoothly and make sure you have adequate lighting and comfort control to barns and out buildings. 

Medical Clinics, Surgery Centers & Churches

Let us keep your patients and parishioners comfortable and your operating rooms functioning optimally. From industrial HVAC systems to humidifiers to energy management solutions, we can keep you doing what you do best.

Studios & Galleries

Climate control is key, not just for customers, but also for fine pieces of art. We can install solutions to keep temperature and humidity levels exactly right and protect your art. 

Nurseries & Greenhouses

  We provide solutions to small businesses. From electricity to the H2Grow greenhouse to exit lighting, custom fixtures & air conditioning units in a commercial kennel, we are invested in your success.